Raiffeisen Finance Centre Burgenland | Architect: PICHLER & TRAUPMANN ARCHITEKTEN ZT GmbH | © Lisa Rastl

Raiffeisen Finance Centre

Project: Raiffeisen Finance Centre Burgenland | Austria
Façade technic: FOB.PS face/of/buildings planningstimakovits, Oberpullendorf | Austria
Year of Construction: 2006 -2010
Construction: Riveted
Product: ALUCOBOND® Gold Metallic

The design of the Raiffeisen Finance Centre responds to the restrictions imposed by the building regulations as well as to the schedule of accommodation for the different floors, and develops an encasing figure that encloses all the activities of the bank in a continuous form. The continuity of the envelope conveys identity to both staff and customers; while the building’s volumetric shaping ensures it a striking role in the appearance of the town. It is made of ALUCOBOND® whose colour might awaken associations with coins.

To the east and the west the façade is perforated by narrow window openings at calculated positions. The windows are arranged in a specially developed layout. This layout allows unfamiliar views outside, but also offers the staff an almost intimate work atmosphere and provides protection against glare for those working at computers. The interior is formulated as a regulated system of reference on various levels of meaning: Firstly, in terms of spaces and materials it forms a single entity with the building’s external form. The material used for the external shell provides the starting point for the concept of materials used in the interior. Like the façade, the window reveals and the fan coils are cladded with ALUCOBOND®.

Week 28

Casino Bregenz

The Casino Bregenz is located in the middle of the festival district in Bregenz, Austria at the lake of Constance and on an area of over 3,000 m² you can find an unique entertainment offer. In addition to roulette, blackjack, etc., there are also cocktail bars, restaurants, lounges, etc. in the casino. A further part of the casino can be used for events of any kind; even live music is regularly performed here.

Week 27

Hermès Liat Tower

ALUCOBOND® creates luxurious facade for Hermès.