The unique success story of ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels began with the market launch in 1969. 2019, 50 years later, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary under the motto "Next and Beyond". True to this motto, we do not only want to look back on our success over the last 50 years, but also look forward into the future.

On this web special, we will showcase 50 projects in 50 weeks. Each week of the year a new project that has been selected from our global database and represents one of our core values:

  • Quality & service
  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Innovation
  • and of course beauty...

We have always seen ourselves as more than just a panel manufacturer and have put a lot of effort to offer you a wide range of services and technical support in addition to our product and the many available surfaces. In cooperation with renowned companies and universities, we have developed new planning tools, which support our customers at every stage of façade development – from inspiration through the design stage on to final installation.


Shanghai Royal Pavillion

The appearance of the building shows the pursuit for rational scenes in a poetic manner. The noble and romantic temperament is like the classics left over after screened and polished in history and time for hundreds of years.



Week 24

Shanghai Royal Pavillion

The appearance of the building shows the pursuit for rational scenes in a poetic manner. The noble and romantic temperament is like the classics left over after screened and polished in history and time for hundreds of years.


Week 23

San Francisco Int'l Airport (SFO) Traffic Control Tower

Design of San Francisco International Airport’s (SFO) new airport traffic control tower not only was focused on functional goals – including meeting the strictest seismic event standards, offering maximum sightlines and accommodating state-of-the-art electronics – it also needed to serve as an iconic airport symbol.

Week 22

European Parliament

Since 1992, the Seat of the European Parliament has been in Strasbourg. The City of Strasbourg and SERS, as joint developers, wanted to create a monument which symbolises prestige where decisions on the fate of some 370 million Europeans were made in Strasbourg.

Week 21

Te Oro Community and Arts Centre

In Glen Innes, Auckland, Archimedia’s new community and arts centre Te Oro is not intended simply as a venue for events. It is also a space where the ancient Pacific culture is validated and where the heritage, concerns and values of the predominantly Maori and Polynesian population are paramount.

Week 20

The Connor Group Headquarters

In a Moody Nolan website statement, the [Connor Group] new corporate headquarters’ iconic design is described as a double-loaded office bar wrapping around itself and uncoiling. The building’s “outer public skin” is clad in folded and triangulated sections of aluminum composite material (ACM) and strip windows. “The triangulations allow the building to twist and lean as momentum and movement build and pull around the perimeter to the high point.”

Week 19


At the edge of the town of Schöningen and its open-cast lignite mine lies the site of a remarkable, world-famous Stone-Age find: the Schöningen Spears – the oldest complete hunting weapons ever found. It is now also the location of a new and emblematic research and experience centre that is visible from far around.

Week 18

The Lumpini 24

One of premium luxury condominiums in Bangkok comes with a timeless look that is clean, sophisticated, elegant and modern. 


Week 17

IBEW Local 134 HQ

Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 134 in Chicago celebrated the grand opening of their new headquarters and union hall in May 2018 – a renovation project that has been dubbed “the Beacon of Bronzeville” and praised for its sleek, state-of-the-art design.

Week 16

Lycée Georges Frêche - School of Hotel Management

Covering an area of over 16 500 m² on the edge of Montpelier, the School of Hotel Management crouches like a gigantic reptile. Several different uses are concealed within the building: a hotel, four restaurants, a conference centre, classrooms, student apartments, sports facilities and offices.

Week 15

MITEC Convention Centre

Formally Matrade, now name: MITEC (Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre), Kuala Lumpur

MITEC is the largest exhibition centre in Malaysia. The architect (RSP Architect Sdn Bhd), selected and used more than 70,000m2 of ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels,  to achieve its unique shape, which derives from rubber seed, a symbol of the Malaysia historical trade and business.

Week 14

Exo Apartments

Clad in ALUCOBOND® Plus Spectra Ocean color-shifting finish, the Spectra was selected as a complementary building material to the Exo's color-changing smart glass technology that adjusts window tint to allow optimal natural light in.

Week 13

Europe’s largest work of art

A monotonous block of flats dating back to East German times has been transformed into Europe’s largest work of art.

Week 12

Jeddah Islamic Seaport Control Tower

The control tower lies in the heart of Jeddah, visible from the main Corniche Street lying in the middle of the capital of Jeddah on the Red Sea. This Iconic building was completed in 2017 to serve as the lighthouse of the busy port of Jeddah the capital of the Western region of the Kingdom.

Week 11

Painted Rock Estate Winery Tasting Room

The new 1,600 square-foot one-story Painted Rock Estate Winery Tasting Room – which opened in September 2013 – was designed not only to accommodate on-site retail wine-tastings and sales but as a unique destination site for weddings, banquets and corporate events.

Week 10

Aluminium Centrum "The Aluminium Forest"

This information centre displays and promotes aluminium products in general. The building design is done with 100% aluminium.

Week 9

Marina Barrage

Beautiful combination of ALUCORE® and ALUCOBOND® in creating these stunning parasols.

Week 8

Student Residence Hall, Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Clad in 5,500 ALUCOBOND® Plus aluminum composite panels in seven custom colors that are dimensionally positioned with glass to invoke Gustav Klimt’s 1909 “Tree of Life” painting – the new Residence Hall met an aesthetic goal to set the building apart on the Boston skyline and, thereby, create an idiosyncratic image for MassArt.

Week 7

Raiffeisen Finance Centre

Exceptional façade with high functionality


Week 6

Bengbu Olympic Stadium

Bengbu Olympic Center is located in the city of Anhui, an ancient city in China.

The idea of Bengbu Olympic center was to create a holistic design of the building ensemble to give the impression of a moving dragon.

This architectural style is called the Hui-style. 

Week 5

Rush University Medical Center

The hospital building at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago referred to as The Tower, stands out on the city’s skyline with a unique butterfly design and striking white exterior – both visual symbols of the medical center’s goal to transform healthcare delivery. Formable ALUCOBOND® Plus in the custom Spinnaker Bone White color was selected to realize the hospital’s shining, clean exterior image and its unique butterfly design.

Week 4

Ski jump redoubt Bischofshofen

The ski jump redoubt in Bischofshofen is one of the most famous sites for sporting events and since 1952 venue of the “4-Jump-Tournee”. The building on a freestanding territory put the choice on ALUCOBOND® due to its excellent weathering conditions. 

Week 3

Mille Malle | Bangkok

The former Metro Mall in Bangkok, now Mille Malle is a trendy lifestyle mall.

Week 2

Paul F. Cullum Tower

The North Bergen, N.J., Housing Authority's Paul F. Cullum Tower was built in 1972. With an exterior retrofit completed in July 2013 that included the installation of a total of approximately 117,000 square feet of ALUCOBOND® the Cullum Tower now serves as “a beacon that can be seen from miles away.

Week 1

The beginning

In 1969 the success story began: The development of ALUCOBOND® more than fifty years ago was a small revolution in itself...