DongOh Seed Laboratory, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea | Architect: Space Yeon | Photo: Studio MP

DongOh Seed Laboratory

Developer: Lee Byung-man (Kyung Nong Co.)
Architect: Space Yeon
Completed: 2017
Fabricator | Installer: YuSung Industry, DaSan Construction
Surface Finish: naturAL Reflect (405)
Photos: Studio MP

Architect, Lee Sangdae, has designed 3 projects in the rural region and has always used the surrounding environment as inspiration to design the buildings.

In the case of DongOh Seed Laboratory project, which is located at the peak of a hill which overlooks farms and has very less vehicular traffic around. He did not want to design a building which would be completely alien to the surroundings and may become an eye sore to this serene place.

He decided to use ALUCOBOND® naturAL Reflect as this not only gave the building a very beautiful look to it but also blended in the environment seamlessly. This project is truly a work of art which has become a landmark of sorts.

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