Royal Pavilion is located in Jing'an District, Shanghai. It was a high-end business residence. By adopting three kinds of Alucobond® design A2 fire-proof aluminum composite material with special colors, today, it still takes the first place among luxury residences with its outstanding features and becomes the highest-class residence within the former French Concession after renovation.

Shanghai Royal Pavillion


Shanghai Royal Pavillion


Shanghai Tianhua Architect Design Company


Xin An Fabricator Company



Surface Finish:

PVDF/FEVE coil coated

Standard color:

naturAL brushed 400

Custom color:

ALUCOBOND® Design special color


Mark Shen

With respect to color selection, the designer chose Alucobond® design series, a series whose texture and color can be customized according to the designer‘s requirements. The tone selected is also similar to that of Royal Pavilion before renovation. The style and general pattern of the original architectural design are retained.

Week 28

Casino Bregenz

The Casino Bregenz is located in the middle of the festival district in Bregenz, Austria at the lake of Constance and on an area of over 3,000 m² you can find an unique entertainment offer. In addition to roulette, blackjack, etc., there are also cocktail bars, restaurants, lounges, etc. in the casino. A further part of the casino can be used for events of any kind; even live music is regularly performed here.

Week 27

Hermès Liat Tower

ALUCOBOND® creates luxurious facade for Hermès.