Ski jump, Bischofshofen, Austria | Architect: Kroissenbrunner-Unterberger Planung, Bischofshofen

Ski jump redoubt Bischofshofen

Location: Bischofshofen | Austria
Architect: Kroissenbrunner-Unterberger Planung, Bischofshofen | Austria
Construction: Cassettes
Fabricator: Metallbau Saller, Bischofshofen | Austria
Year of construction: 2001
Material: ALUCOBOND® Silvermetallic

The ski jump redoubt in Bischofshofen is one of the most famous sites for sporting events and since 1952 venue of the “4-Jump-Tournee”. When the first redoubt was put up in 1927 it allowed jumps up to 40 m. 20 years later a new facility was built, extending the jump length up to100 m. The original wooden referee tower was replaced in 1970 by a modern building of reinforced concrete. Especially in sports times are changing racily and the facilities and equipments have to be adapted continuously. On the occasion of the nordic ski world weltcup a modern ski arena was planned including a summer redoubt to provide the best training conditions all over the year. The old referee tower was blown up and the new building should feature to the referees a perfect view over the whole scene, however hindering them from seeing the ratings of the others. This accuracy of practical requirements is also significant for the facade of the tower. The slender cladding, made of ALUCOBOND®, creates a surface conferring ease and elegance to the huge building. A challenge to the workmanship were the unequal measures of the numerous parts.

The building on a freestanding territory put the choice on ALUCOBOND® due to its excellent weathering conditions. The material is keeping its top form for many years.

Week 20

The Connor Group Headquarters

In a Moody Nolan website statement, the [Connor Group] new corporate headquarters’ iconic design is described as a double-loaded office bar wrapping around itself and uncoiling. The building’s “outer public skin” is clad in folded and triangulated sections of aluminum composite material (ACM) and strip windows. “The triangulations allow the building to twist and lean as momentum and movement build and pull around the perimeter to the high point.”

Week 19


At the edge of the town of Schöningen and its open-cast lignite mine lies the site of a remarkable, world-famous Stone-Age find: the Schöningen Spears – the oldest complete hunting weapons ever found. It is now also the location of a new and emblematic research and experience centre that is visible from far around.