"The Aluminium Forest", Houten | Architect: Micha de Haas

Aluminium Centrum "The Aluminium Forest"

Architect: Micha de Haas, Amsterdam | The Netherlands
Location: Houten | The Netherlands
Completed: 2001
Product: ALUCOBOND® Silver Metallic

The primary function of this information centre is the display and propagation of aluminium products in general. The design of this 100 % aluminium building is from Micha de Haas, winner of the contest in which 64 architects participated. The architect placed the building 6 meters above the ground on top of 368 aluminium columns to accentuate the lightness and strength of aluminium. He calls it ‘the aluminium forest’.

The architectural design of the skin of the building consists of 600 mm wide aluminium panels in one piece with a good surface flatness, straightness and rigidity. For the facade 1500 m² of ALUCOBOND® tray panels were proposed, suspended on aluminium bolts using aluminium U profiles. 1150 mm wide ALUCOBOND® tray panels were applied. By increasing the width it not only reduced the number of panels and production costs, but also gave the building a more robust look.

The panels were partly folded on site. After hanging flat unfinished tray panels on the U-profiles, the parapet return and the lower cladding end were folded. This led to a smaller transportation volume and a sustainable reduction in transportation costs. Special window sill cover details guaranteed the drainage takes place through the aluminium profiles of the support system. This resulted in less pollution of the façade.

The window jamb consisted of 42 mm wide panels that were hooked on the U profiles and clamped on a special ALUCOBOND® profile. This guaranteed continuous drainage through the U profiles and did not disturb the vertical lined architectural design.

Week 28

Casino Bregenz

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Week 27

Hermès Liat Tower

ALUCOBOND® creates luxurious facade for Hermès.