Hangzhou CECEP, Hangzhou, China | Architect: Zhejiang Lucheng Architecture

Hangzhou CECEP

Project Name: Hangzhou CECEP
Project Location: Hangzhou, China
Material: ALUCOBOND® PLUS Custom colour
Architect: Zhejiang Lucheng Architecture
Developer: CECEP Hangzhou Jiangcunxincum Construction company
Year of Completion: 2016

The architects designed this project in a courtyard style with four L shaped, 8-floor office buildings forming the outer layer and standalone commercial-residential buildings in the center. River Shuanglong divides the complex into two parts: north and south sections. Energy-efficiency and climate neutral technologies are widely used in the general and interior design of these buildings with the aim to create a ‘green’ business center that integrates business, commerce and leisure, all in one project.

This project has been inspired by the extension and retrofit of the Renoma Wroclaw business center in Poland, which had incidentally also used ALUCOBOND® panels. The Polish project involved retrofitting of the former Wertheim Department Store, which was built in 1930, and extension on its east side, while remaining faithful to the elegance and high standards of the old building. The architects at Zhejiang Lucheng Architecture were inspired by this design and wanted to have some elements replicated in CECEP project.

Compared with Renoma Wroclaw, CECEP project has incorporated more circular arcs in its facade design and emphasized on a dynamic feature with its fan-shaped eaves, standing prominent and impressive. The challenge of the design is to ensure that panels offer highly smooth surfaces and processing precision.

The design envisaged in a way which was not only to enhance the aesthetics of this project but also provide a very important functional element of being “Solar Shaders”. The designers did not want to use the standard fins available in the market. In order to achieve flowing and straight facade lines, precision cutting of ALUCOBOND® panels and profiles was imperative for seamless connection. ALUCOBOND® team in China worked with the designers in understanding their idea to come up with a solution which would render design into reality. After a lot of trials at the ALUCOBOND® design center, the team finally came up with desired solution for this project. High quality panels and precise processing techniques have perfectly expressed the creation and intention of designers, bringing to reality beautiful flowing lines of the building.

This project has become a landmark in the town of Hangzhou.

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