Bouverie Street Apartments, Australia | Architect: studio 505 | © John Gollings

Bouverie Street Apartments

Location/Country: Bouverie Street, Carlton, Melbourne | Australia
Architect: studio 505 | Australia
Fabricator: Casello Constructions, Melbourne | Australia
Product: ALUCOBOND® PLUS in diverse custom colours
Construction: Custom design
Year of Construction: 2015
Photos: John Gollings


This residential tower, located on a key urban site at the top end of Swanston Street, was designed by studio 505. Situated on the former Carlton United Brewery site, it is set to become a unique project in Melbourne’s urban scheme as the uppermost point on the axis leading to the Shrine of Remembrance.

Retaining and refurbishing the historical bluestone walls of the former Ale Store on Bouverie Street, the project offers 218 residential units over 20 floors, 3 boutique retail outlets and a green roof dedicated to residents. Each apartment that faces west sits behind a cascading waterfall inspired façade, made up of ALUCOBOND®, which offers shade and a shelter from the hot afternoon sun. The waterfall cascades down and creates an ethereal and dynamic relationship with the heritage bluestone wall below the tower.

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