Bengbu Olympic Center, China | Architect: Zhou Yang (BIAD) China | Developer: Bengbu Government | Completion: 2018

Bengbu Olympic Stadium

Location: Anhui | China
Architect: Zhou Yang (BIAD) | China
Construction: Interlocking Open Joint
Fabricator: Multiple-fabricators
Year of construction: 2018
Material: ALUCOBOND® Sunrise Silver Metallic, Red

Week 20

The Connor Group Headquarters

In a Moody Nolan website statement, the [Connor Group] new corporate headquarters’ iconic design is described as a double-loaded office bar wrapping around itself and uncoiling. The building’s “outer public skin” is clad in folded and triangulated sections of aluminum composite material (ACM) and strip windows. “The triangulations allow the building to twist and lean as momentum and movement build and pull around the perimeter to the high point.”

Week 19


At the edge of the town of Schöningen and its open-cast lignite mine lies the site of a remarkable, world-famous Stone-Age find: the Schöningen Spears – the oldest complete hunting weapons ever found. It is now also the location of a new and emblematic research and experience centre that is visible from far around.